The Only Place

The Only Place

You are probably missing out on providing your clients with the best finance solutions available. Whether they are business clients or personal clients, they have a requirement for finance at some point in their lives.  Right now a shift in expectations is occurring in the financial services sector.  Clients are aware that there are more options available to them but that doesn’t mean they know how to access them.   You can, in the one place, at the one time, serviced by teams of professionals that have the resources to back up your brand.

Until now you may have struggled to have just one central place to go outside of the major banks. For many accountants, they are approached by Home Loan brokers, Plant and Equipment and Motor Vehicle brokers, Debtor finance brokers and banks themselves.   Each of them offering specific services which means you have up to four or five different service providers.   Not only do you have to maintain those contacts, you have to try to manage each one for your clients.

You don’t have to do this.  Using the PFAS online lodgement platform, you can lodge or refer any type of deal and our support teams will process it for you and your client.  You have once central place to upload and keep client data that will allow you to replicate finance deals in the future.

Whether its motor vehicle finance, insurance premium funding, commercial property loans or SMSF borrowing, we can help you help your client.

Find out more by contacting us and let us show you how to provide a truly independent financial services HUB to your client.   Remember, you are the only independent advisor your clients can trust.  You can add profits to your bottom line just by taking care of your client’s needs on either a reactive or proactive basis.

Call, email or complete our enquiry form for one of our team to discuss the options with you.