The New Financial Services Hub

The Financial Services HUB:                                      

Whether you like it, agree with it or deny it, there is a convergence of financial services occurring outside of the usual banking fraternity.  Right now, many mortgage brokers are diversifying their income streams by adding insurance and property sales to their suite of services.   Financial planners, reeling from a wealth of (pun intended) failed schemes, bank ownership and commission driven product sales are in tatters and are attempting to rebuild their reputations within the community.   Banks, as ever are accused of making far too much money in exchange for poor service and even more poorly disguised product pushing.

Who, in this landscape of financial providers, can clients turn to for help?  You. That’s who.

Accountants have always been an independent source of advice for their clients. A group of professionals that are trusted to provide true north amongst the myriad of finance options being made available in the market-place.

Your clients won’t often be able to articulate what they really want. In fact for many, they need to see it first before they will believe it.   It’s why you need to show them, explain it to them, engage them.   This is it:

The Financial Services HUB:


The Financial Services HUB is an evolution in business model for accountants and their clients.  The model incorporates each of the business and finance services expected to be offered by accounting firms to their clients.  The question for those firms, including yours, is how do you do this without increasing your infrastructure and salary costs.

You know you can offer advisory services, audit and investment advice.  For some firms, financial planning has become a natural adjunct to the existing business.  Finance on the other hand is more difficult.  Mardent Practice Solutions has the answer.