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Why Partner With Mardent

Platinum Finance Accounting Services offer participating accounting practices a value-add and complementary service to their mainstream business, completely focussed on supporting the accountant’s ability to continue to offer sound advice and related services, in the area of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

How Mardent Supports Your Accounting Practice

As part of FOFA, the Australian Government announced changes to the accountant’s exemption from 2013, culminating in the removal of the exemption on 30 June 2016.

That means if you wish to continue providing advice on SMSF’s, you will need to either obtain your own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) or become an Authorised Representative through an AFSL holder.

Platinum assists our accounting partners by providing a number of options including becoming an Authorised Representative of our AFSL partners.

Accountants Feedback

The majority of accountants we have met, have advised they are clearly focussed on their mainstream business activities and just want to “keep doing what they have been doing” – ie. They don’t want to become financial planners and hold a “Full Authority”.

Instead, the most productive way forward may be to hold a “Limited Authority” – which allows the accountant to comply with the new licensing requirements, in the most practical, time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

  1. SMSF Licensing Accreditation Course
  2. Comprehensive Licensing Services
  3. Compliance Programme – Advice
  4. SMSF Advice Documentation
  5. Training, Professional Development and SMSF Masterclasses
  6. SMSF Matrix Diagnostics
  7. SMSF Business Services and Documentation Portal
  8. SMSF Administration (if required)

SMSF Licensing Options

Four Main Licensing Options

  1. Establish a pure Referral Agreement with an external licensed advisory group.
  2. Become an Authorised Representative of an AFSL with a limited authority to provide advice only on SMSF’s.
  3. Become an Authorised Representative of an AFSL with a full authority to advise on SMSF’s / investment matters.
  4. Obtain your own Limited AFSL.
SMSF Licensing Options
Key IssuesServices ProvidedLimited1 AuthorityFull2 AuthoritySelf2 Licensing
Licensee Authority:
What you can do.
● Recommend SMSF’s
● Basic superannuation advice
● Review superannuation funds and recommend rollovers1
● Detailed SMSF strategic advice (ie. reserves, pensions, borrowing, asset classes, death benefits)
● Non-superannuation and product, strategic advice only (investing inside vs. outside of superannuation, insurance advice, gearing)1
● Product advice for basic deposit products
● Extensive product advice and recommendations
● Provide full advice – including product recommendations



Licensee Services● Customised advice templates – full suite of templates
● Access to training and professional development days
● SMSF technical support
● Access to modelling and planning software*
● One-on-one access to technical specialist

Representative Compliance Services● Briefing on license regime and responsibilities
● Phone / email compliance support
● File review service
● Compliance manual

SMSF Advice Accreditation● SMSF accreditation course – RG146
● Licensing training required – RG105
● Designated licensing courses (ie. Diploma of financial services etc.)


° Depending on the level of licensing that you apply for | 1. Class of Product only – ie. not product specific, refer to a qualified advisor (PFAS) for full advice where required | 2. Delivered in conjunction with an external national licensee provider with a tailored offering for some services or in house service | 3. Full Authority or AFSL Holder | 4. AFSL Holder Requirement

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