Asking For Help

So far, we’ve told you about a way to make more money by looking after your clients.  You can’t do it on your own though, you need your team helping.  For many accounting businesses, this is the hardest part, educating your team.  Accountants are not sales people, but that doesn’t mean they cannot help clients, that they cannot find opportunities and they cannot make money doing so.

At Mardent, we’ve trained hundreds of people to find ways to help clients. Our team will train yours. In as little as two hours we can show your people how to spot opportunities, explain benefits to clients and gain a referral opportunity.  This is all they need to do, just talk to clients.

For more engaged firms, we can match specific training requirements to our range of services. In fact, if you need one-on-one training for particular staff we can do that too.

In essence, we can train your staff and support them, even if they don’t regard themselves as sales people.  We’ll teach them how to make sales by over-servicing clients.  Your clients will be asking for solutions!!

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